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Hi, I am Louis WANG. Nice to hear you!

I am an entrepreneur, a business coach, and an author. Specifically, I am a brand strategist with many stories.


I have been involved in marketing internationally for more than eight years. Brands call all my passions from my career. It connects the business to the customers in a human-to-human way. I met many clients who still confuse brand with its elements, or believe that the brand is expensive or superficial and worthless. However, history showed us the massive consequence of dismissing the brand power. 

I am eager to make some change, or at least I can help them grow, both in mind and business. I decided to help the teams to assess, evaluate, and analyze brand identity, performance, clients’ engagement,  and offer them expert recommendations on possibilities of breathing new life into their brands. 

​Branding is creating. It creates seeing, feeling, believing, desiring and loving. It creates future.


I firmly believe that "A better world began with better brands".

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How can I help you?


Brand strategy is the deliberate articulation of your business. I help young entrepreneurs who want to build an ironclad brand, and help leaders focus on brand strategy that keeps them relevant and delivers value sustainably. Including brand purpose, brand positioning, brand identity, brand stories and messages, brand marketing, etc.


The brand experience is not only the customer experience but beyond it. It contains all the emotional moments of customers interacting with your brand. So you have to well-design all of the touchpoints to empathize with multiple,  diverse audiences, and improve customer engagement and customer journey by better understanding consumer psychology and cognition science.


The height of a company's brand depends on the leaders' level of brand thinking.

The online course is customized for all marketers, managers, and any other brand stakeholders.

- 1V1 Coaching (Only for manager or C-levels)

- Group Coaching (5-10 persons)



This e-book will guide you go through the process of brand strategy with practical workflow and systematic diagrams.  

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